The Business of Trees

Based in McCloud, CA – BlackFox Timber Management is the “Seal Team 6” of natural resource management. BlackFox specializes in timber resource management and endangered species surveys. This small 6 – 8 person crew covers nearly 50,000 miles of terrain in a single season! They’re out to protect the forests and preserve the natural legacy of these forests through best practice forestry.

The Art of Forestry

Over the past few years, we’ve grown to know the BlackFox team quite well, and some of us have even hiked around the woods with them. Borrowing from these experiences helped shape the artistic theme of their new website. We chose a custom artisan typeface to reflect the skill required to excel in the timber management industry, topographic contour lines and ghosted navigation elements for style, and a cool granite/wintergreen color scheme. Everyone was really happy with the website launch and Jimmy’s team made the BlackFox website project really enjoyable for us to work on.