Designing for Simpson U was a chance for me break the mold. I took liberty in focusing time to create radically different promotional materials that were focused as much on the art as they were on the message the art would help communicate.


The high-frequency of student body events was an opportunity for me to learn the art of efficiency. Many projects had important deadlines to ensure enough time for proof, print, and promotion – this ultimately helped establish a new level of efficiency in my work while trying to consistently create more and more original art. I learned a lot while working for Simpson – a new level of project management, and a deeper joy working with Photoshop.

Aaron raised the bar for the university with promotional posters and materials, particularly for music events and homecoming… He far exceeded expectations.

Candace Brown Communications Specialist - Simpson U


The launch of the new EVT website and sales enablement microsite commenced during the same week of their first trade show of 2016. The newly established strategy of content driven marketing combined with interactive sales tools, provided for a winning strategy. EVT achieved a level of exposure unmatched at any previous trade show, and the flow of traffic from their booth lead to a huge jump in web traffic, resulting in net new business opportunities.

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