One of the main reasons why more and more businesses are leaving Amazon is because it was more interested in building its own brand than helping small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) establish theirs. While Webstore users could make certain decisions about their store’s look and layout, Amazon’s omnipresent branding left many users feeling like they were in bed with the competition. ModernSkape is a such a story.

Aaron raised the bar for the university with promotional posters and materials, particularly for music events and homecoming… He far exceeded expectations.

David Baano ECommcerce Specialist - Amazon Inc.


ModernSkape E-Commerce is an Online Landscaping Superstore (formerly Amazon web-store), who reached out to us for some serious branding and web design strategy. We designed a sleek e-commerce homepage with a user-friendly layout featuring easy to navigate image driven sections. We also setup MSKP with a stylish, modern logo that looks killer in print as well as on the web.