A Mixed Media Metamorphosis

Frankie Wallace is a creative thinking, truth seeking, historian who also happens to be a prolific blogger and e-Book publisher. Frankie has self published multiple novels, and continues to write contemporary commentary about our modern society. Frankie approached LS to design cover art for two of her book “Maslow’s Triangle: Short stories of a Homeless Chick”.

Original Art

Frankie was looking for a original artwork to visually express her reflective essay on homelessness in Shasta County. We met with her 1-on-1 as she shared the script for her book project and talked about her vision for the artwork. Frankie’s passion for her work was energizing, and shortly after our first meeting, we were off to the drawing board.


A mixed-media metamorphosis of hand painted skies, photoshopped images of Mount Shasta and starry, dreamlike textures evolved over hours of careful editing – and was reworked until we had achieved a unique, dreamlike texture that was coherent and would communicate Frankie’s vision for the cover. A starry night sky lit with moonlight wrapped around the iconic peak of Mount Shasta, illustrating the nights Frankie had spent under the stars at the base of Mount Shasta.

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